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Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Beck‘s got a new video for “Modern Guilt” out. The guy stalking him reminds me of Balki Bartokomous, a.k.a. Bronson Pinchot. I used to watch Perfect Strangers all the time when I was little, but somehow I don’t remember any of the episodes. I think there were a lot of sitcoms in the 80’s that had this effect on me though.

Speaking of creepers, Islands have a video out for “Creeper”.

Handy fact: Want to keep someone alive? Apparently “Stayin’ Alive” will help you do just that. I’m going to watch those doctors on Grey’s Anatomy and check their tempos.

Came across a very pretty, all-in-one stereo unit. Radio, turntable, CD and DVD, plus it looks GOOD. Don’t let the pinky-rings fool you; those Italians know what’s up.

Here is a beautiful tattoo of a not so beautiful, (although brilliant,) man.

I buy Vanilla Almond Special K on a regular basis. With every box, I always find some large flakes in there, (maybe because I get it at Costco and EVERYTHING is bigger there,) but this one blew me away.

And today I leave you with something that was bound to happen. La Pequeña Sarah Palin. VOTE.