The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Here Today

The vid for “The Body” from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is pretty nostalgic and summery. Good stuff for an overcast “summer” day like today.


My cable/internet went out last week and I popped in my The Work of Director Mark Romanek DVD from the Director’s Series. I have the full series, with the exception of Chris Cunningham, (his vids are too creepy to watch repeatedly,) and it was a fantastic flashback. This led to a conversation later in the week with a co-worker about the genius that is Rick Rubin, then RHCP let loose their first single from their next album, I’m With You, which also happens to be produced by Mr. Rubin. Full circle – you like that? Anyway, you can check the track over here. If you liked them before, you will probably still like them, despite the latest of their guitarist change-ups.

Pictureplane is one of those acts that sounds like a band, but is actually just one guy. His last album, Dark Rift, was solid and his new album, Thee Physical, comes out on Tuesday. I highly suggest you scoop it up in your preferred format. It is, as they say, “good shit”.


Hot damn, I wish Big Freedia actually did a Bounce class. The way she shakes it seems to defy the laws of physics and she passes along her sweet skill set in the vid for “Excuse”.

After Midnight

Sleigh Bells have to be one of my favourite new bands of the last year or so. Their music feels like what I imagine as the new Brooklyn in my head. It sounds like jam-packed house parties and youth and makes you want to jump around or pound your fist on walls. At the very least, you have to give it a hard head-bob with an incorporated shoulder. So I’ve got two Sleigh Bells vids to amp your weekend – one fan made. Not telling you which one though.

Another band I have quite enjoyed over the same period is The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. I’m looking forward to their new album, Belong, in March of next year, but for now here is a B-Side to whet your appetite.

“Girls Like You” from New Zealand’s The Naked And Famous seems prime for a movie trailer. This is not a bad thing. Movie trailers have been using some pretty awesome music lately.

As a complete aside, there is a freaking amazing thread going on over at Reddit about profane insults from all over the world and how they translate into English. I have been laughing steadily through reading it, as it contains such beauties as:

Take, for example, this choice earburner from the streets of Cape Town:

” Jou ma is so besig om te naai, jy’s uit haar gat gebore.”

Literally translated, your mother engages in such copious amounts of intercourse that it necessitated your being born out of her anus, as her vagina was otherwise occupied.


Jou mammie naai vir bakstene om jou sissie se hoerhuis te bou.

… a rough translation would be, your mother engages in prostitution in order to raise funds for the building materials necessary to construct a brothel from which your sister will operate.

ZING! Looks like North America isn’t the only place where “yo mama” applies. Find it here.


This vid showing a series of things being destroyed in slow-motion is pretty fantastic. I have been watching it muted and playing my own soundtrack to it, because it seems so much like a music video to me. Give ‘er a go and let me know your favourite tunes to watch it to. (The karate chop at 2:03 is brutal!)

Being a knitter, I find this knitting clock pretty freaking awesome. It knits a 2 meter scarf a year, though I suppose you’d have to clean it throughout the year or else you’d end up with a pretty dusty scarf at the end of the year.

Broken Social Scene has a pretty rad new video using 3D rendering. Whatever that means.

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart seems appropriate on a sunny, holiday Monday. All those drunken party animals are just so… right.

A lovely 8-bit vid from Mark Ronson & the Business Intl, paying homage to Zelda.

I have to admit that I haven’t really given Craig Ferguson much of a chance. I used to watch the Late Late Show back when it was still hosted by Kilby, but not much since then. Then one night while I was waiting for Jimmy Fallon to come on, (refusing to watch even one second of that whore, Leno,) I happened to catch Sid, the profanity-laden, fluffy, white bunny, during one of the opening segments. And that was it. I was down with the Ferg.

The Ferg also happens to have some excellent musical guests like Jónsi, too…


Kids playing in a cemetery isn’t creepy, is it? I keep expecting fangs to make an appearance in this video for “Celestica”, but that might just be media brainwashing on my part. Either way, Crystal Castles are a good time… Even in the cemetery with the kids in robes.

I haven’t raved about Sweden lately, so here’s a lovely song and vid from Sambassadeur for “I Can Try” to revive the Sweden love-fest.

This one looks like it was a fun one for The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart to film. It’s for “Say No To Love” and the single is out now.