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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Let’s do some math. Wes Anderson + stop motion + Roald Dahl + Owen Wilson + George Clooney + Meryl Streep + Bill Murray + Jason Schwartzman = Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Passion Pit was on Jimmy Fallon this past week. Of course, I can’t link to it since it’s on that dipshit Hulu,(lucky you, if you’re in the land of America,) but here’s their video for “To Kingdom Come”.

You’ve probably heard by now, but MCA from Beastie Boys has cancer. Hot Sauce Committee Part 1, which was supposed to be released on September 15th, is being pushed back and they’ve cancelled shows while he has surgery and starts treatment. He says it’s very treatable, but scary shit, man. Hear it direct.

8-bit Weezer of varying eras. I am glad to see Tugboat doing “El Scorcho”.

Yes, Bobby McFerrin did a song that was so catchy you hate it, (with a video starring Robin Williams and Bill Irwin). BUT, he’s a pretty cool and clever guy.

What do you get when you put together an 80’s compilation and a silent film? Well, this:

This lovely couple from Idaho had a Katamari Damacy wedding. Nerdy, but pretty darn cute.

The second Flight of the Conchords album, titled “I Told You I Was Freaky”, will be released on October 20th. That song about balls is going to be on it.

If Andrew W.K. was my local weatherman, I would actually watch the news. REGULARLY.

Strangely, I really love the Octopus Project, yet really don’t like actual octopuses. Either way, here’s their new vid for “Wet Gold”.

Eee! New Echo & the Bunnymen!

People who are knocked up or have gotten someone knocked up and don’t plan on fleeing like a pansy-ass, read up and learn a lesson or two from W.N. Kellogg. Do NOT raise an ape alongside your baby!

This would not work on trash cans in Hawai’i, since they say “Mahalo”, but at least there’s always Bachelor Party to help up cope! Mahalo for that!


Sofa King

Hallowe’en is coming up fast. I carved my first pumpkin last year and it was fun and messy. It made me feel like a surgeon being elbow-deep in all those gooey bits. Ray Villafane takes pumpkins to a whole new, ridiculously amazing level, and his site also offers a bit of a tutorial on how you can attempt to make your own ridiculously amazing pumpkin. He’ll be appearing on Food Network Challenge this coming Sunday the 26th, so check it out. I’m sure it will be ridiculously amazing.

I am the kind of person who wants to listen to a 40-minute interview with Nick Harmer from Death Cab for Cutie. He is great. Don’t judge me.

Black Kids recently did a Daytrotter session, as did Aimee Mann. The Octopus Project also did a session which I managed to miss back in August. Thank goodness for the Daytrotter archive!

In what has to be the most appropriate Black Cab Session to date, Jens Lekman performs “Black Cab” for chapter sixty-two.

Super fun-time band Matt and Kim have a new video out for “Daylight”. How in the hell did he get into that freezer?