The Drums

Sand Canyon

BC Band, You Say Party! We Say Die! lost their drummer, Devon Clifford, after he collapsed onstage at a show in April at the Rickshaw, here in Vancouver. They have since dropped the, “We Say Die!”, from their name and have dedicated their vid for “Lonely’s Lunch” to Devon.

Diplo has been a busy little DJ. He’s making commercials for BlackBerry, remixing just about everybody, and battling Lil Jon. Bear witness.

Although hailing from Brooklyn, the Drums sound way more 80’s Brit new wave than NYC. They give me a Psychedelic Furs vibe that makes me want to dance subtly around my apartment. I’m into it.

Another NYC band, The Hundred In the Hands has this pretty visually fantastic video for their single, “Commotion”. Keep an ear on these guys. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from them.

C Is The Heavenly Option

Did you hear the one about the Australian ninjas who kicked the 3 muggers’ asses?

Representing the  WTF category, this video is NSFW, but I can’t stop laughing!

Great Scott! We are one step closer to the comeback of the Delorean. Thank you, MIT.

Here’s one from Mystery Jets I missed in my internet absence. A fun vid for “Dreaming Of Another World” that features some sweet wardrobe and hair.

On the complete opposite end of the mood-spectrum, we have David Bazan knocking it out of the park with an acoustic cover of “Flirted With You All My Life” by Vic Chesnutt. Hauntingly sad, especially given the lyrical content and Vic’s recent passing on Christmas Day last year.

Despite the very British look of this vid, The Drums actually hail from, surprise, Brooklyn. I have to say, I am really enjoying these boys.

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