The Boy Least Likely To

Girl Can’t Help It

New Girl Talk equals people attempting to identify all the samples on the album. Check it out real-time here or you can just read about it on the Wikipedia page. It’s pretty impressive, I have to say. I mean, the album just came out on Monday and there is a ridiculous amount of samples. Well done, internet!

Xmas is coming up fast and The Boy Least Likely To have put together a lovely Xmas album titled, “Christmas Special” and you will be able to get it via iTunes on the 30th. You can pick up one track in exchange for your email at their site. It is pretty much what you would expect a Xmas song from them to sound like – poppy, charming and, if you listen closely, kind of heartbreaking. Pretty appropriate for Xmas, I’d say.

Not everyone is down with Target, but I love the joint. (This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I have never lived anywhere that had a Target store.) Keeping with the Xmas theme here, the red bullseye has put together a little Xmas album of their own, and it’s not too shabby. Best Coast and Wavves tag team it up on one track, but there is also some Crystal Antlers and some Chief Xcel, amongst many more. You can currently listen to it here, and will be able to download it on the 28th.

Man Out of Time

If anyone had any doubt about the ridiculousness of Billy Corgan, I’m pretty sure this should put that to rest. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Passion Pit, I like you. In fact, I’ve liked you for a while now. But I’m scared you’re blowing up too fast, what with your PSP commercial over the holiday season and all. That kind of “skyrocketing” freaks me right out! But alas, I cannot help but still like you.

Sweden has a Pirate Party and they won two seats in Parliament. Perhaps there is hope for the world yet, and that hope is named Sweden!

Speaking of Sweden and its many delights, last night I saw Jens Lekman at Richard’s on Richards. He and his band were completely delightful and charming, which seems to be consistent with all the Swedish crooners I have seen. It was all so… nice. Just NICE! There was sing-along-ing, dancing, and head-bopping from side to side.I smiled throughout the show and even as I waited for the bus after it was over. If a show can leave you smiling while waiting for the bus, I’d say that’s a win. I wish there was more merch though. I know getting over the border with merch can be a challenge, so bands don’t always have a full variety when they come up here. There was one t-shirt design in a couple of different colours, some CDs and vinyl, and that was about it. I was hoping to get one of these keys, but they sold out before they got up here. Blast! Oh well, it just gives me another excuse not to miss him the next time he comes through town.

I’m not sure what the name of the opening artist was. He was a tall, slender guy with his acoustic guitar which he softly plucked. He wore an oxford shirt with khakis that were rolled into small cuffs right above his ankles. Oh, and also some loafers with no socks. He seemed like he would be from somewhere like Nantucket. I wish the sound had been better during his set, as his voice sounded very soothing and pleasant from what I could hear.

Matt & Kim made a video where they get nekkid. I would like to know more about this. Were they really nekkid or were they wearing strategically-placed flesh-toned garments that, when blurred out, would make one appear to be nekkid? Were those real cops laying the beat down on Matt? Kim sure as hell didn’t get hit by a bus, obviously, but so many questions…

More cuteness from The Boy Least Likely To:

And something to inspire some bopping around, courtesy of Pains of Being Pure At Heart.


Broken West – “Perfect Games” video = assassins, big scheme-foiling bugs, fun track.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’m really excited to hear The Boy Least Likely To‘s album when it comes out on April 14th. But until then…

Have you heard about Anvil? It would be awesome if this doc rockets them to the career they’ve dreamed of.

Dig Your Grave

Here is a beautiful new video from Ladytron for “Tomorrow”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I am looking forward to hearing The Boy Least Likely To‘s new album which will be out on March 9th. You can sample some of it here. I like what I hear so far. I like it a lot.

Pac-man ghost lamps = I want.

New School of Seven Bells video for “Half Asleep”:

You can stream the full Heroes comp at MySpace. Good cause, good album. It’s just all-around good. In case you haven’t heard anything about this, they asked some legendary artists to choose a newer artist to cover one of their songs. So you get Beck doing Bob Dylan, Lily Allen doing the Clash, Hot Chip doing Joy Division, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s doing the Ramones, and on and on and on. It comes out in Canada on March 3rd and in the US on Feb. 24th.

Darn that Starbucks! A few years ago I got the Sweetheart 2005 Compilation and now they’ve put out another one. This year, they are releasing a 2009 version and it sure is a winner. Yes, this is another comp of covers, and yes, this one is supposedly their favourite love songs, and yes, today is Valentine’s Day. You can hear A.C. Newman covering “Take On Me”, Death Cab for Cutie covering “Love Song” and more. I need to pick one of these up next time I go in for a venti soy chai latte with caramel drizzle. Fo-shizzle.

Remember the Cardigans? What am I talking about, sure you do! I enjoyed them and you did too before you got sick of that “Love Fool” song. In 2001, singer Nina Persson put out a solo album under the name A-Camp and now, 9 years later, we get a second album titled Colonia. Sample a track here and look forward to it’s release stateside on April 28th.