The Ark

Rubber Bands

I only know two people from Lafayette, Louisiana and they are terribly nice and wonderful people. The Givers also hail from Lafayette and recently released their first album, In Light. Their music is something you might hear at a party where you’re not really paying attention to the music, then all of a sudden stop mid-sentence and say, “who is this?” It’s got that hint of Africa that’s been catching on lately and they pop it up right.

Anyhow, they now have a video for their track, “Up, Up, Up”. It’s a pretty simple one and it features tilt-shift and some spaciness, courtesy of a green screen.


Mates of State are just straight-up awesome. They are an awesome band, but also awesome parents and awesome human beings, in general. I still have one of the “rock people” that their daughter, Magnolia, made and sold while they were on tour to raise money for kids who didn’t have stuff. It’s not as glittery as it was when I first got it and the eyes(?) have fallen off, but it’s just another testament to their awesomeness in my book. Their next album, Mountaintops, will be coming out on September 13th and will most likely also be awesome. Awesome.


And in case you were wondering, the future still looks crazy, fantastic and is not as far away as we think. I want to go to there.