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Beasties as Muppets in the last post, and now Beasties as action figures in this one. The Boys have reunited with Spike Jonze for the 6th(?) time for yet another fun vid. Spike’s real name is Adam, which make their collaborations 75% Adam. Do you think they all pick on on Mike D? “Mike? What kind of stupid name is MIKE?”

Did you enjoy that? Did you say to yourself, “Man, if I had some of those Beastie Boys action figures, I would steal my sister’s Barbie Beach Cruiser and have them act out a buddy flick!”¹ If you had that thought and have $750 on hand, you can own your very own set! Yes, you read that right. Seven-hundred fifty dollars. But before you soil your last pair of clean undies², all proceeds are going to three charities who work with kids who have cancer. Plus they come with a lot of stuff like different outfits, decals and hands. Hands, man. And, as the site states, “these are some real limited edition, explicit, bottle service/ v.i.p. type items“. I have to say, they look pretty awesome. Or dope? Do people still say that?

MTV just turned 30 over the weekend and it’s like the child actor of TV stations. It started out fun and cute and a bit kooky. It did its thing and we loved it. Then once it hit its teens, that’s when the trouble started. It decided to start dabbling in shows that had nothing to do with music – shows of people’s actual lives. And since then it’s all been downhill. MTV needs to be on Intervention, it’s now a crack whore – missing teeth and scabby. I would be one of those weeping loved-ones, reading my letter to MTV and telling it how much I miss the times we had and how I don’t even know it anymore, begging for it to get into treatment and be the channel I loved all those years ago. Remember the day you were born, MTV?

There is a reason for this little rant. Lately I have been finding that a lot of videos have been premiering exclusively on MTV.com. I have a couple of issues with this. One – it’s region restricted, so I can never watch the goddamn vids. (Hulu, I’m glaring in your direction too and YouTube, you’re headed down this slippery slope as well.) Two – why give an “exclusive premiere” to a station that barely plays music, despite having “music” in their name? Do people ever watch MTV for videos anymore? How do you find them?

Anyway, the cameo-heavy video for Best Coast‘s “Our Deal” is one of those “exclusive” videos I was referring to. The only place I could find it that didn’t link to the MTV video, constantly deny me, was a site in Chinese, so sorry about that. It’s pretty much Romeo & Juliet with better makeup, hair products and leather jackets. Maeby from Arrested Development is in it, as well as Donald Glover. I only know the actress playing the lead because she played Jack Donaghy’s young nemesis on 30 Rock. Anyway, thank you, China! And as for you, MTV, I hope that one day we can be friends again but I can’t watch you as long as you continue being a whore.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

¹ I refuse to use that term that rhymes with “fromance”.
² I know; I was too late. My apologies. If you don’t have time to do some laundry before work, just wear a bathing suit under your clothes. I won’t judge you. I promise.


Spike Jonze, what’s-not-to-like Jonze. Last time I mentioned the good Mr. Jonze, it was in praise of his amazing short film, I’m Here. Spike has had a pretty notable career so far and has worked with many an acclaimed band. Now, as if on cue with their Grammy win, Arcade Fire can be added to that list. Win and Will Butler co-wrote Scenes From The Suburbs with Spike and say it was meant as a companion piece to their album, “The Suburbs”. It had it’s official debut at the Berlin Film Festival, but also just played at SXSW. I’m always interested in Spike’s work, so since I’m not with the über elite in Austin, this trailer will have to do.

Speaking of Spike, his buddy Michel Gondry directed a pretty spectacular video for The Living Sisters. This trio of ladies features The Bird & The Bee‘s Inara George, as well as Eleni Mandell and Becky Stark. (You might recognize Stark from her other group, Lavender Diamond or her contributions on The Decemberists Hazards of Love album.) This video is classic Gondry with his use of models and seamless intersecting of multiple storylines, just like he did in the video for “Sugar Water”, way back in the mid-90’s. He is such an adorably charming Frenchman and a damn dazzling director and creative mind.

Here is a video where the visuals completely overshadow the music but in this case, I am a-ok with it. Orelha Negra‘s video for “M.I.R.I.A.M.” features the art of Alexandre Farto and it is pretty mind-blowing stuff, (no pun intended). Music is alright, but the video is A+.

Long Way Home

That mention of Spike Jonze in my last-last post made me realize that I hadn’t given any props for I’m Here. It was a short-film he wrote and directed about two robots in love. It’s really fantastic and touching and I highly recommend you see it. You can view all 29 minutes of it at the site, which is pretty rad on it’s own.

I have also neglected to post the official vid for “Generator ^ Second Floor” from Freelance Whales, a band I have been enjoying since seeing them open for Cymbals Eat Guitars earlier this year.


As if by some psychic, magical, Icelandic connection, a new video from Jónsi.

An Horse is from Brisbane and their video for “Postcards” is cute and neat and great.

“Drunk Girls” is the party hit of the summer and the vid is directed by Spike Jonze and features some panda anarchy.

I have loved Spike Jonze’s work since back when he was doing skate vids, (on video tape!), and he is the director of one of the only Nic Cage movies I actually can sit through and enjoy – Adaptation. According to IMDB, his instruction to Nic Cage was, “to ignore all of his acting instincts”. To me this translates to, “good acting is the opposite of Nic Cage”, which is something I have been saying for a long time. It’s a real George Costanza situation.

There is this 12-track, 8-bit album of covers, and it’s pretty fun. You can listen to it in full here, and if you like what you hear, you can download it for a fee of your choosing, (minimum 50¢ per track or $5 for the whole album). So far, I really enjoyed the covers of “The Safety Dance”, “New Year’s Day”, and “Say It Ain’t So”.

Matej Kren has built a tunnel out of books and it is freaking beautiful. It’s on display at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna and looks like something out of a Mark Romanek video. Check out the amazingness here. It’s worth the click, I promise.

Don’t you love it when you have a bunch of drinks, go home and pass out, only to wake up to find your dog has eaten your rotting, infected toe? Wait, what?