Sweet Adeline

I love Jónsi. I think he is absolutely brilliant. Imagine my shock as I was sitting on my couch over the holidays and saw a Ford commercial pumping “Go Do” as a bed. My first thought was, “Oh here’s another commercial where they blatantly ripped off a song because the artist had too much integrity and declined their buckets of money.” But then as the commercial went on, it wasn’t a blatant rip-off; it was the real thing. Then as it came to a close, the words flashed across the screen – Go. Do. What?! It’s not only the song in the commercial, but it’s the tagline??? And of all companies, Ford? Everyone has to get the bills paid and all, but this was highly unexpected. I’m still kind of dumbfounded over the whole thing. Jónsi makes me think of beautiful things and art, not American-made SUVs.

Sometimes it’s hard to have faith in humanity. *cough*SarahPalin*cough* We all encounter jerks and complete idiots on a daily basis, but hopefully we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with some really awesome people to help balance it out. Every once in a while I hear or read about something that really refills my faith-in-humanity tank, and today it was a a story about Southwest airlines. If you don’t feel like clicking through and reading the full story, essentially the Southwest pilot held his flight for one passenger. The man was was on his way to be with his daughter as they took his 3 year-old grandson, (who was murdered by his daughter’s boyfriend,) off of life support. It’s a pretty amazing story considering the state of travel these days. The TSA wouldn’t help this poor guy – they were too busy being heartless groping/porno-scanning robots to care. But this one pilot got it. He knew how important it was for the man to get where he was going and did what he could to make sure he got there. Pretty awesome, pilot guy.

That story made me remember another airline-related, heartwarming tale I read about over the holidays.

Wasn’t that nice? Are your cockles warmed? So there you go – awesome happens, sometimes where you least expect it.