Daisy I Love You

I kind of have a soft spot for robots. The nice, somewhat shy, breaking out of their shell and going to parties for the first time, kind of robots, not the crazed, killer ones. So obviously I enjoy LCD Soundsystem‘s video for “Home”. In addition to the likeable robot lead, it also features a set of pretty amazing eyebrows.

Speaking of soft spots, I talked a bit about my forever love of Journey not too long ago and Phil Collins is another one of those for me. I’ve loved Phil since the days of my youth, and I like that a lot of the current bands I enjoy now are down with Phil too. (Thank you, Norwegian TV!) Those songs of his from the 80’s have stuck with me through the years and, like Ice-T, I say, “Don’t mess with my Phil, man.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.