Rivers Cuomo


It has been previously established that I love me some Seinfeld. Seems that some not-so-clever young man took things a bit too seriously and tried to pull off some real-life Frogger, a la George, and got himself killed. I’m no genius but come on, world – let’s use our brains.

Speaking of Frogger, remember this video? When I first saw it, it reminded me of Frogger. The director of that video, Cyriak Harris, put together Eskmo‘s video for “We Got More”. The beat of the song coupled with the way the video is cut gives me a real “Sledgehammer” feel. Seems like he’s got reminding me of something classic down.

I really enjoy this video from Amsterdam’s Monokino. It looks like it was fun to film and has some pretty great costumes to boot. I particularly like the drum set and guitar guys. I’m also very curious about what’s in that ball/fruit/egg thing with the singer… and where are they all going, anyway?

Here’s a little New Year’s gift for the world from Rivers Cuomo. He covers the classic, “God Only Knows”, solo and homemade-video style. It’s pretty sweet. (That’s sweet in a touching way, not in a Dude Where’s My Car way.)

An old friend of mine once wrote a movie review for his zine. I think it was for Die Hard, and this was 1996-97 so the movie was already nearing its tenth anniversary at that point, which made it all the better. My friend enjoyed Die Hard, so after a brief write-up he rated it, “One thumb up from the Def Leppard drummer”. That is still my favourite movie review to date and I thought of it immediately when I read about this:

Edge of Seventeen

Rainn Wilson seems like a pretty cool guy. Rivers Cuomo, while pretty talented, seems less so. I will admit, I totally had a thing for Rivers back in the Blue Album/Pinkerton era, but I will also admit that when I develop a thing for celebrity-types, I tend to pick the biggest a-holes and man-whores of the bunch, so that’s pretty on-par. I know this is going to sound kind of like we’ve blasted back to the 60’s, but Rainn and Rivers did a cover of “One of Us”. Yes, that song about if God was a regular Joe that was the sole hit for Joan Osbourne back in the mid-90’s. I love that Rainn says he’s “a pretty mean bongoist”. Anyway, there’s a lot of chit-chat at the start, so if you just want to hear the song, go to about 4:41-ish in.

Speaking of actors, St. Vincent’s video for “Actor Out of Work” features a bunch of actors crying for an audition. It makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing how they get prepared for it and the different types of crying they conjure up. Not sure why it makes me uncomfortable – maybe because you get to see the falsity of it. Anyway, it’s a good song and the video also features a beautiful chair.

Take All You Can Take

Sigur Rós has a video out for Við spilum endalaust. Not all that exciting of a video but Sigur Rós nonetheless.

Rivers Cuomo might be full of himself and pompous, but goddamn if he isn’t a talented mofo with some darn catchy songs. I have a soft spot for Weezer, though I doubt my love for them will ever reach the same peak it hit during the Pinkerton days. Anyhow, his second solo album, Alone 2 – The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo comes out on the 25th and you can preview a new track on his myspace page.

Beck has a new video for “Youthless” that is pretty great.

Boyz II Men was a group from my youth and I will admit, they did their thing and did it well. I mean, can anyone deny “End of the Road” or “On Bended Knee”? How soon we forget the catchiness of “Mowtown Philly”! You know who didn’t forget? Jens Lekman, that’s who. Here he is covering “Water Runs Dry” live. I want to give him a great big hug.

Another band from my past is Pearl Jam. I had the major hots for Eddie Vedder back in the day and actually even have a light switch plate featuring Mr. Vedder in my apartment. Pitchfork has a cover he did with Corin Tucker of the John Doe and Kathleen Edwards track “The Golden State” which you can find here. It’s quite lovely.

Why? has an awesome video for “A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under” up at Pitchfork as well.

The Hives are doing a Christmas duet with Cyndi Lauper. Believe it.

If you have an appreciation for hip-hop, these 13 minutes are for you. All I can say is, De La Soul, Mos Def, Kanye West, Will.i.am, Nas, Damon Albarn, and freestyle. Go. Go now.