Rick Rubin

Here Today

The vid for “The Body” from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is pretty nostalgic and summery. Good stuff for an overcast “summer” day like today.


My cable/internet went out last week and I popped in my The Work of Director Mark Romanek DVD from the Director’s Series. I have the full series, with the exception of Chris Cunningham, (his vids are too creepy to watch repeatedly,) and it was a fantastic flashback. This led to a conversation later in the week with a co-worker about the genius that is Rick Rubin, then RHCP let loose their first single from their next album, I’m With You, which also happens to be produced by Mr. Rubin. Full circle – you like that? Anyway, you can check the track over here. If you liked them before, you will probably still like them, despite the latest of their guitarist change-ups.

Pictureplane is one of those acts that sounds like a band, but is actually just one guy. His last album, Dark Rift, was solid and his new album, Thee Physical, comes out on Tuesday. I highly suggest you scoop it up in your preferred format. It is, as they say, “good shit”.


Hot damn, I wish Big Freedia actually did a Bounce class. The way she shakes it seems to defy the laws of physics and she passes along her sweet skill set in the vid for “Excuse”.