“People Got A Lotta Nerve”

Twist & Shout

Do you know what Tuesday is? It’s April 28th. What’s so special about April 28th? Ben Folds presents: Universtiy A Cappella!┬ácomes out! I L-O-V-E Ben Folds and leave it to him to come up with this spin on the ol’ “Greatest Hits” idea. “What should I expect?” you might be asking yourself. Well, here’s a little sample for you from two of the groups who were chosen for the album.

I love Ben Folds for many reasons. He’s ridiculously talented and embraces humour in his music as well as the usual heavier, emotional stuff you find in the land of music these days. If you’ve never delved any deeper into “the Folds”, you should. It’s a nice place.

And now on to non-Ben-related things. I’m digging Golden Filter. Here is their video for “Solid Gold”. Solid.

I would really love for the Stone Roses to reunite. If only the rumours could be true…

Neko Case will be coming to town in June. Here’s a vid for “People Got A Lotta Nerve” to get you in the mood.

Editorial comment: Hey, HULU! Quit being a-holes and get going on the worldwide viewing already! Don’t we suffer enough with our shitty excuse for a comedy network and our sub-par cartoon channel? Where’s the love?