People Got A Lotta Nerve

Obama is in and I couldn’t be prouder of my country. I watched the Inauguration online at my desk at work and had it playing for my entire shift. There is a beautiful and moving photo collection here that I highly recommend.

Some things I love about the Obamas:

  • The way Barack looked at Michelle while they danced, every single time at every single ball. You can tell from their body language that it’s not just for show like it is with other political couples (*cough* Clintons *cough cough*). He is constantly reaching out to take her hand, he pulls her close when they’re dancing, and that is so refreshing to me.
  • I will admire Michelle Obama forever for going through that entire day, (and it was a long day,) wearing heels. She stood for most of it, walked part of the parade and was still able to dance at the end of the night.
  • The way they have managed to inspire people all over the world. It felt like the whole world stopped to watch him get sworn in.
  • How Barack is pretty much the total opposite of our last president.
  • Their kids are down-to-earth and seem genuinely happy. They also sported J Crew when they could have worn just about anything.
  • The Hawaii connection.
  • Their first dance as the first couple was completely appropriate and to one of my all-time favourite songs, “At Last”. Even Beyoncé got choked up while singing and she’s usually all pro.

I can’t stop beaming when I think about it all. Nothing remotely political has ever caused this sort of reaction in me, so that’s got to say something.

Ninja-star tacks. Yes, I want some and so do you.

This 13 year-old girl is not someone you would expect to be a Rush fan. Or a ridiculously good drummer for that matter.

I don’t know anyone who actually hates Coldplay. You can not be into their music, sure, but I think most can appreciate them on some level. Their new video, I love.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Microsoft Songsmith. Interesting. Kind of cool. But WTF. You make the call.


On the other hand, I am fully digging new Animal Collective.

Also digging the new Loney, Dear.

That is all.

Painter In Your Pocket


Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

It’s a big day. Obama is the next President. I have never, ever in my life been so emotional over anything even remotely political. I am completely overwhelmed and know that this is a monumental event in American history. They showed Jesse Jackson with his face covered in tears and it nearly brought me to tears myself. This is huge. In the years I have been living in Canada, Bush has been in office and the thought of moving back to the U.S. made me cringe, but with Obama in charge I feel like there is a new hope. His election has renewed my faith in my country, and I’m positive that I’m not the only one. Today, I am proud to be an American. 

This is a very long video, but totally sweet in sentiment and maxed out in nerdiness. In fact, it might just be the nerdiest thing I have ever seen, but the romance offsets it so it’s all right by me.

Baconnaise. Genius or a step too far?


There will always be a special place in my heart for the Muppets. My first record was the soundtrack to The Great Muppet Caper. I remember Jim Henson’s passing and being very sad. It had never crossed my mind that he would die one day. He seemed immortal, and I guess he kind of is. I still lose it when I see Big Bird singing at his memorial though.

On a lighter note, a tip for the season for you drivers out there.

Sleep well tonight, America.