All The Way Down

Over the summer I heard this track by Passion Pit called “Sleepyhead” and liked it. Now it’s got a video.

I would not call myself an Amy Adams fan and frequently get her mixed up with Mrs. Borat, but her upcoming movie, Sunshine Cleaning, seems like a gooder.

There is also a Swedish kid-vampire movie called Let the Right One In that I am really interested in seeing. Sweden – thumbs up. Vampires – thumbs up. You do the math. This one is getting all kinds of attention and they are already talking about making an American (read: shitty) version.

This week I stumbled upon the ION TTUSB turntable at Costco of all places.

The miShare seems like a good idea, but the price tag feels a bit high to me.

Mini, digital Rolleiflex. So expensive, but so awesome.

I actually saw the Kidrobot Interior Chairs series while I was out buying a birthday gift and was very tempted to get a few, but thought, “What the hell would I do with a bunch of tiny chairs?” Looking at them again now, I find my previous logic flawed.