Michael Rappaport


Thank Lorne Michaels, this song finally has a video. Samberg incorporating old people make-outs just gives me one more reason to compare him with Adam Sandler. They are both funny, musical, Jewish guys who are down with the octogenarian generation. I’m into it.

Michael Rapaport could be the whitest guy ever, but I will always have a soft spot for him thanks to¬†Beautiful Girls. I wondered what had happened to him over the past few years, and it turns out he’s been working on a documentary… on A TRIBE CALLED QUEST.

New York may have its good and bad, but this is most definitely good. It’s also a plus to hear the good Dr. Brule will have his own 11-minute show. Remember when shows were in 30-minute increments? Ah NYC, the media just makes you seem so glamourous. If you were Marilyn Monroe, this would be your beauty mark.

Broken Bells is the new collaboration between James Mercer, (he of the Shins fame,) and Danger Mouse, (he of the everyone fame). Their first album came out earlier this month and, based on the talent involved alone, is worth a listen. Here’s the vid for the first single, “The High Road”.

Hailing from Florida, Surfer Blood is pretty good stuff. They’ll be playing at the Biltmore on April 5th so check them out if you are able.

Lemonade is one of my favourite beverages. So it makes sense that I would also like a Brooklyn via San Francisco band called Lemonade. They, much like the beverage or a Junior Mint, are very refreshing.

Passion Pit is huge now. HUGE. I’m a little mad at them since they have cancelled their shows here TWICE now, but they have another show coming up on April 11th at the good ol’ Commodore, so hopefully they don’t back out of that one too. Anyway, here’s a vid for that mega-hit, “Sleepyhead”, that was rejected by the band but is still a good time.