Love Is All

Last Choice

A cute video from Love Is All for “Last Choice”. Thanks again, Sweden!

I am pretty surprised no one thought of making more figure-friendly bullet-proof protection before. I mean, seriously.

Stumbled onto a blog called Japanification. It’s basically a blog of a guy with a fantastic moustache and his lady-counterpart’s trip to Japan. Japan really just ups its awesome every second, doesn’t it? I mean, the dude that plays nothing but “Stairway to Heaven” on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver could really take a lesson on street-guitar playing from this guy, and someone really needs to explain what the hell this is.

Good god, Tim Burton. You are going to kick my ass with this one.

Life In Marvelous Times

I enjoyed Be Kind Rewind. I lovelovelove Michel Gondry, so that should be no surprise. Now, I have seen Mos Def in a few things and he is a pretty all right actor, but let us not forget his roots. He’s got a new track streaming online and I’m into it, even early on a daylight savings switch-over Sunday morning.

Lukestar is a band I’ve had my ear on for the last few months. They are from Norway and you can get a free download of their track “White Shade” here.

Jonathan Johansson is also now on my radar thanks to this track titled “En hand i himlen” (A Hand In Heaven). Sweden just keeps on giving with Love Is All‘s video for “Wishing Well“. It’s a fun video featuring the band playing on the beach. They are a good time when the occasion calls for it.

Adding still to the Swede stampede is Jens Lekman. He played a free benefit show at Northampton High School Auditorium yesterday. The show was put on for a girl who lost her legs when she was hit by a drunk driver. High school was not this cool when I went. Do we thank The O.C.? No, that can’t be right. But mad props to Jens Lekman, that’s for sure!

I am not a big fan of the Dresden Dolls, but I did get a giggle out of singer Amanda Palmer’s video for “Oasis“. Her album was produced by Ben Folds, so I suppose the appeal shouldn’t be all that surprising. I should probably warn you that there is brief, simulated sex so maybe not the best to be viewed at work. Oh yeah, and there are also some brief, non-simulated hairy armpits.