Last Choice

A cute video from Love Is All for “Last Choice”. Thanks again, Sweden!

I am pretty surprised no one thought of making more figure-friendly bullet-proof protection before. I mean, seriously.

Stumbled onto a blog called Japanification. It’s basically a blog of a guy with a fantastic moustache and his lady-counterpart’s trip to Japan. Japan really just ups its awesome every second, doesn’t it? I mean, the dude that plays nothing but “Stairway to Heaven” on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver could really take a lesson on street-guitar playing from this guy, and someone really needs to explain what the hell this is.

Good god, Tim Burton. You are going to kick my ass with this one.


I was reminded in this excellent interview with the Lonely Island, how much I love Jorm dancing.

I wish he would do more dancing but I suppose he has been busy, what with the jizzing in his pants and all.

Also, Japan is full of genius. I love my motherland.