Guided By Voices

Catacomb Kids

The bearded men of Band of Horses have some hot, double video action for you today. Two videos, both for “Laredo”, both including some lovely scenic shots which, I suppose, bearded men enjoy.

The not-so-distant future includes a movie about Facebook. Sounds like a bad idea, right? But before you roll your eyes and write off this movie, it’s got some very good things going for it. David Fincher directed. Yes, the David Fincher that also directed Se7en and Fight Club. It’s also has a score written by Chris Cornell-non-fan, Trent Reznor. And they just released this trailer that features the amazing cover of “Creep” by Scala & Kolacny Brothers. Scala is an all-female choir from Belgium that reworks many popular songs into stripped-down, ethereal versions. They have slowly been gaining recognition worldwide over the last few years, so time to get on board, North America.

Inception came out this weekend and looks amazing. It is another movie with a ridiculously good director, (Christopher Nolan,) and a guaranteed home run score by Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer. I hope I can get off my ass and see it in the theatre.

The Guided By Voices reunion tour is officially ON. 30-something indie-rockers all just collectively pooped a little.

I will leave you with some cool times, with blade-less fans. (Get it? Cool?)¬†As if Dyson wasn’t awesome enough already.