Fleet Foxes

La Danza Rossini

The footage of the damage from the earthquake in Japan is heartbreaking, but if any country can pull it together and rebuild, it’s Japan. I have no doubt they will be back and better than ever sooner than anyone expects. So to showcase the kooky awesomeness that is Japan, I present you with a seriously awesome video from World Order. They are a seven-man group made up of male dancers, including former UFC fighter Genki Sudo. The guy is a modern-day renaissance man. Not only was he an MMA fighter, but he is also an actor, director, artist, writer, choreographer and musician. Way to make me feel lazy, buddy! The sheer precision of these guys in this video puts just about any dance troupe I have seen to shame. Not that I have seen many dance troupes, but just watch and you’ll see what I mean.


Speaking of awesome, ANR, (formerly Awesome New Replublic,) made a short slasher film and have used footage from it for this “Big Problem” video. I don’t know why movies don’t feature slasher music with that creepy synth anymore.

Fleet Foxes are playing two shows in Vancouver at the end of this month and they sold out with a quickness. No surprise though since all the tracks I’ve heard so far from their upcoming album, “Helplessness Blues”, are sounding damn good. It doesn’t come out until May 3rd, but I’m pretty stoked to hear it. In the meantime, here is a video for “Grown Ocean” from that much anticipated album.

No one seems to know very much about WU LYF. Their name is an acronym for World Unite/Lucifer Youth Foundation. They are mysterious. They seem like a bit of a cult. They are from Manchester. They put out some pretty great tunes. That’s about it.

In case you missed it, Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and the Roots did the impossible last night – they made that godawful Rebecca Black song tolerable. They also raised $26,000 for charity DonorsChoose, which is a nice bonus.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spare Change

Have a bunch of super rad tracks for you today, the first being from Theophilus London, featuring Sara Quin, (she puts the Sara in Tegan & Sara). I had to listen to it back-to-back – it is that good! He’s got a 5-song EP coming out on the 8th titled Lovers Holiday, and, surprise, he’s from that current music mecca – Brooklyn.

Another fantastic track from Fleet Foxes was unleashed into the wilds of the internet today. It’s off their upcoming album of the same name and they’ll be hitting a city near you in support, so be sure to catch them when they roll through your city. It’s been almost 3 years since their last glorious album, so I’ve got my excited pants on for this one.

Speaking of bands coming to town, MNDR will be opening for Chromeo at the Commodore on February 10the & 11th. The show on the 10th has been sold out for a while now but you can still get in on the second show. And as a warm-up to the warm-up, some new goodness from MNDR.

Not too shabby for a Monday.


I am enjoying this video from Malajube for “Porté Disparu”. Where do they get those suits? They are phenomenal.

Fleet Foxes, I am a fan. I don’t find this video particularly interesting, but it’s pretty cool and seems like it took a lot of hard work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More and more frequently, I find myself wondering how anyone ever got by before the internet. Today, I discovered a freaking awesome site, JetPens. Since I was little, I have had a thing for pens. I have always had a million pens and have a great appreciation for a good one. I have a friend that lives in Japan and every once in a while, she would send me an assortment of pens and for this, I will love her forever. JetPens stocks all the best, hard-to-find pens, pencils and stationery from Japan and they ship internationally. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Time for the Grammy Awards, and this year they actually seem worth watching.