Architecture In Helsinki

I Feel Better

Dominique Young Unique is killin’ it again with her vid for “War Talk”. Hard to believe this girl is only 19(?) years old. And from Tampa. Yes, Tampa.

Another band whose sound doesn’t seem to suit their home turf is Void Camp. These guys are from Spain and are, from what I read, talented as all hell. I wonder how one goes about casting for a video like this? However they do it, the track is great and these ladies seem to be having a grand ol’ time. NSFW – unless bare asses being spanked by white ladies flies in your workplace, that is.

I’ve been into Architecture In Helsinki for several years now and though their sound has evolved over that time, I’m still digging the quirky Aussies. This track doesn’t feature any clarinet or tuba like previous tracks, but I like its poppy feel and its 80’s-inspired video. Their new album, “Moment Bends”, hits North America on May 3rd.

Toronto gives us Small Sins and I am loving this tune and its vid. This is one of those bands that is pretty much one main guy, (Thomas D’Arcy,) with a supporting band, but that doesn’t make them any less good.

I’ll close tonight with a song that gets my toes tapping and my head bopping. Leave it to Music Go Music to take it back. I know I’ve posted this track before, but this is a different video from the LA kids with the sound fresh out of the 70’s. If you don’t like ABBA, just call it a night and forget it. If, however, you are down with the AB like I am, you might just smile at a stranger on your way to work when you’ve got this stuck in your head.