Alice In Wonderland

Burn That Broken Bed

Yeah, I’m pretty excited about this.

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Toronto, you lucky stinkers. Broken Social Scene all got together and did a FREE show for you bastards. Three of the songs are tidily collected here, but I’m sure you can find more all over the interwebs.

Um… this was unnecessary. VERY unnecessary. The synchronized head banging is like watching some fucked up boy band gone horribly, horribly wrong.


Last Choice

A cute video from Love Is All for “Last Choice”. Thanks again, Sweden!

I am pretty surprised no one thought of making more figure-friendly bullet-proof protection before. I mean, seriously.

Stumbled onto a blog called Japanification. It’s basically a blog of a guy with a fantastic moustache and his lady-counterpart’s trip to Japan. Japan really just ups its awesome every second, doesn’t it? I mean, the dude that plays nothing but “Stairway to Heaven” on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver could really take a lesson on street-guitar playing from this guy, and someone really needs to explain what the hell this is.

Good god, Tim Burton. You are going to kick my ass with this one.