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The A.V. Club strikes again! They’ve begun another edition of their “Undercover” series, which you might remember from last year. This time around, they kicked it off with Iron & Wine covering the classic George Michael ballad, “One More Try”. You can find it here and while you’re at it, scope out the upcoming covers because the list is FANTASTIC.

Another bit of awesome is that the A.V. Club is using the new track from a band I absolutely LOVE, Maritime, as the theme music for this series of Undercover. Their new album, “Human Hearts,” comes out on April 5th and I am super stoked about it. The boys braved an actual blizzard to shoot this video; no special weather machines necessary. I friggin’ love this track and cannot wait to hear the rest of the album next week!

Rent A Cop

The ol’ A.V. Club is at it again, hosting a bunch of artists to do covers in their tiny, circular room. This time around, it’s a holiday theme and The Walkmen do a fine job of covering the classic “Holiday Road” from National Lampoon’s Vacation. It’s technically not a “holiday” song, but “holiday” is in the title, so that’s got to count for something, right? Find it here.

The ever magical, ever Icelandic Jónsi has a DVD of his amazing live show out, and it would make a lovely gift for an awesome-music-loving friend or family member this holiday season. During his tour, he also premiered a few new songs and you can download one of them here.

White Lies hails from London and pay homage to Henry Thomas‘s most iconic role in E.T. in their video for “Bigger Than Us”. I remember watching this scene and being pretty freaked out as a kid, but my love of Resse’s Pieces lingers to this day. Way to go product placement!

Another homage vid: Bad Ass Chick, American muscle car, blood. Radio FreQ‘s “Turn on the Radio” is definitely a nod to a certain director.

Better Get Hit In Yo’ Soul

The A.V. Club continues, and this week featured Superchunk covering “In Between Days“, which might be my all-time favourite Cure song. Superchunk has a new album coming out in September and is touring in support. They’ll be in town here in Vancouver on October 13. It’s their first album in nearly a decade, and they ARE Superchunk, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Chromeo + eyeballs = new video.

The new vid from Holy Ghost! is nothing to get excited about, but I do really enjoy this track. I feel like it should have some footage of 80’s cop-dramas cut together to go along with it, but that’s just me.

Robyn has been blowing up for a while now, however, like Journey before her, life on the road is lonely.

Dinner for Schmucks opens this weekend and has a pretty outstanding cast, including Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords. It looks like it could go either way and be a complete train wreck, or complete genius, but Jemaine is lookin’ good either way.

And as if that wasn’t good enough, here’s a nice way to end a Saturday post…

The Bandit Queen (live)

The latest in the Twilight saga is out and tweens the world over are all aflutter. It’s got an awesome soundtrack, just like the last one, and here’s the vid for Metric‘s contribution.

Also in the realm of movies, Judd Apatow is working with Paul Reubens on a new Pee-Wee Herman movie. This excites me to no end! I always felt like he got a bad wrap on those “indecent exposure” and “child pornography” deals and I really hope people will give him another chance. I always love watching something, (30 Rock, Blow, Buffy the Vampire Slayer…) and then, all of a sudden, there he is!

I love Mates of State. I love their music. I love that they seem like such fun people and that they are married and, pretty obviously, still in love. I love that they are awesome parents and take their kids on tour with them. I love that their latest album, “Crushes”, is nothing but covers of songs they love. I love that you can get it from their site or through iTunes for only $5.

Speaking of covers, have you been keeping an eye on The Onion‘s A.V.Club‘s Undercover series? 25 bands, 25 set covers. They’ve been releasing one a week since mid-March, and it’s not over yet! They are all really awesome, but some of my faves so far include Ted Leo & the Pharmacists doing “Everybody Wants to Rule the World“, Fruit Bats doing “One On One“, Cursive doing “We Built This City“, Wye Oak doing “Strangers“, and Motion City Soundtrack doing “Cut Your Hair“. So basically, they’re all good, is what I’m saying.

But my giddy factor went through the roof for Maritime covering “Enjoy the Silence” and Ben Folds covering “Say Yes“. I mentioned how I love Mates of State? Well I have loved both Davey von Bohlen and Ben Folds since the 90’s, (yeah, the NINETIES,) Depeche Mode since the 80’s, (I’m old!). And Elliott Smith? Come on.

Here’s a little connect-the-dots for you. Owen Pallett elected to do “Game of Pricks” for this series, which was covered previously by Jimmy Eat World, whose song “A Praise Chorus” featured a vocal cameo by former tourmate, Davey von Bohlen. That song also paid homage to some classic songs, just like this little project is doing. Suck on THAT, Kevin Bacon!