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Christmas Time Is Here

It’s less than three weeks until Xmas is upon us and I have been seeing lots of gift ideas on the interwebs. I am going to share them with you because I am not getting any of these things for any of my friends for various reasons, but they would be excellent gifts for people out there.

Kevin Smith is a funny guy, regardless of whether or not you like his movies. He wrote some books:

If you didn’t see Spike Jonze’s sweet-ass Where the Wild Things Are, you totally missed out. But I’m sure someone you know saw it and loved it, and maybe even cried at it. This book would be lovely for them.

I heart John Hodgeman. I probably hearted him before I even realized it. He’s funny and smart and plays songs like, “Tonight You Belong To Me,” on the ukulele. I haven’t read his books but would like to, as I think they would cause me to sit giggling in my pyjamas under a cozy blanket. I bet you know someone who could use a giggle in pyjamas under a cozy blanket too.

All three seasons of The Mighty Boosh, all together on seven discs, loaded with bonus features. Um, yes.

Another complete series, this time from the genius that is/was The State. I plan on picking this one up for myself, as I am one of the screaming, delirious masses that have been begging for this DVD for the last 15-ish years. Yeah, I was begging for this DVD before DVDs were even DVDs.

Brandon Bird is one talented mofo. You couldn’t go wrong with anything from his store. There is one thing in there that is too awesome for words, though.

Even if you didn’t see Up, you love Dug. No one can NOT love Dug.

Some classic games, and you can get them in some super-fun versions.

And how could anyone not want to cuddle up in a…

This pretty much speaks for itself.

For your office-worker buddy who thinks they’re a badass.

I am totally one of those people who can’t keep a plant alive. I don’t know about the plant-killers in your life, but I think these would make me feel better about my lack of a green thumb.

For the eco-conscious, clean-types.

I’m terrible at keeping journals, and I know I’m not alone.

If I had a landline, I would be all over this phone.

You don’t need to be artsy to appreciate this.

Dig Your Grave

Here is a beautiful new video from Ladytron for “Tomorrow”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I am looking forward to hearing The Boy Least Likely To‘s new album which will be out on March 9th. You can sample some of it here. I like what I hear so far. I like it a lot.

Pac-man ghost lamps = I want.

New School of Seven Bells video for “Half Asleep”:

You can stream the full Heroes comp at MySpace. Good cause, good album. It’s just all-around good. In case you haven’t heard anything about this, they asked some legendary artists to choose a newer artist to cover one of their songs. So you get Beck doing Bob Dylan, Lily Allen doing the Clash, Hot Chip doing Joy Division, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s doing the Ramones, and on and on and on. It comes out in Canada on March 3rd and in the US on Feb. 24th.

Darn that Starbucks! A few years ago I got the Sweetheart 2005 Compilation and now they’ve put out another one. This year, they are releasing a 2009 version and it sure is a winner. Yes, this is another comp of covers, and yes, this one is supposedly their favourite love songs, and yes, today is Valentine’s Day. You can hear A.C. Newman covering “Take On Me”, Death Cab for Cutie covering “Love Song” and more. I need to pick one of these up next time I go in for a venti soy chai latte with caramel drizzle. Fo-shizzle.

Remember the Cardigans? What am I talking about, sure you do! I enjoyed them and you did too before you got sick of that “Love Fool” song. In 2001, singer Nina Persson put out a solo album under the name A-Camp and now, 9 years later, we get a second album titled Colonia. Sample a track here and look forward to it’s release stateside on April 28th.

People Got A Lotta Nerve

Obama is in and I couldn’t be prouder of my country. I watched the Inauguration online at my desk at work and had it playing for my entire shift. There is a beautiful and moving photo collection here that I highly recommend.

Some things I love about the Obamas:

  • The way Barack looked at Michelle while they danced, every single time at every single ball. You can tell from their body language that it’s not just for show like it is with other political couples (*cough* Clintons *cough cough*). He is constantly reaching out to take her hand, he pulls her close when they’re dancing, and that is so refreshing to me.
  • I will admire Michelle Obama forever for going through that entire day, (and it was a long day,) wearing heels. She stood for most of it, walked part of the parade and was still able to dance at the end of the night.
  • The way they have managed to inspire people all over the world. It felt like the whole world stopped to watch him get sworn in.
  • How Barack is pretty much the total opposite of our last president.
  • Their kids are down-to-earth and seem genuinely happy. They also sported J Crew when they could have worn just about anything.
  • The Hawaii connection.
  • Their first dance as the first couple was completely appropriate and to one of my all-time favourite songs, “At Last”. Even Beyoncé got choked up while singing and she’s usually all pro.

I can’t stop beaming when I think about it all. Nothing remotely political has ever caused this sort of reaction in me, so that’s got to say something.

Ninja-star tacks. Yes, I want some and so do you.

This 13 year-old girl is not someone you would expect to be a Rush fan. Or a ridiculously good drummer for that matter.

I don’t know anyone who actually hates Coldplay. You can not be into their music, sure, but I think most can appreciate them on some level. Their new video, I love.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Microsoft Songsmith. Interesting. Kind of cool. But WTF. You make the call.


On the other hand, I am fully digging new Animal Collective.

Also digging the new Loney, Dear.

That is all.

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Do you know someone who likes Obama? Do you know someone who likes unicorns? Well, I think you just hit the jackpot.

Will someone PLEASE make me some potato latkes? *WARNING: This recipe has boobs on the page. Yes, I’m serious.

I’m surprised this hasn’t come up sooner, but LG is releasing a wrist phone and it seems pretty darn cool.

Waitin’ For A Superman

I have been looking for a new messenger to replace my nearly 10 year-old one for a very long time. After many years, I think I have found a winner. It’s slightly bigger than the one I have loved for the last decade and also goes with the buckle closure rather than the velcro my current love has. (Sometimes when I sit on carpet and have my bag on, I get stuck to the floor.) I’ll wait until after all the Xmas madness is over to order, and hopefully in that time I will be able to find it somewhere that won’t charge a ridiculous $28 for shipping. The hunt is on.

Ben Gibbard leaves me terribly heartbroken in this interview when referencing the second Postal Service album as “the record that will never come out”. *tear*

In more uplifting music news, there is a rather comical video to go along with a new track from Peter, Bjorn and John which you can find here. The have a new album scheduled for release sometime next year.

Bloc Party has released a video for “One Month Off” and I like it. You make the call.

Gloria – Mineral

The Criterion edition of Bottle Rocket is out! Hot diggity!

In honour of my American heritage and our most beloved Thanksgiving, I give you the Turkey-shaped Jell-o Mold Competition of 2008.

Pie-hats are go!

This is too nerdy for words. The man made a theremin using a Wiimote, a laptop and a synthesizer… and he’s playing the Star Trek theme on it. Get right out.

Radiohead had an animated-video contest and you can see the winners here.