My name is Sheri. I was born and raised in sunny Hawaii and left for rainy Vancouver of my own volition.*

Things I love include hockey, laughing until I hurt, grocery store cake, knitting, traveling with my people, typing, a delicious meal, the 80′s, driving, suicide doors, modern chivalry, vintage photography, old-fashioned romance, classic cars and a comfortable pair of pants.

Some things I do not enjoy are sidewalk cyclists, burning my tongue, B.O., litterbugs, patchouli, imbalance, unkempt neck hair, those stick family decals people put on their cars, and knock-off versions of good songs in commercials.

My favourite shape is the square, followed by the equilateral triangle.

Getting into bed on Friday night is my favourite time of the week.

I wish I was a little bit taller, however I have no desire to be a baller, and you should call your girl regardless of her physical appearance – don’t be a shallow jerk.

My handwriting is very legible.

*Yes, really.

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