Month: July 2011

Slow Jam ’98

Last week, I re-watched the Kermit vs. Kermit version of “Under Pressure”. That video is so brilliant, I just love it. I mean, Queen, Bowie, and Kermit? What’s not to love? “Under Pressure” is one of those songs that has been one of my all-time favourites without me even realizing it.

Then later in the week I see this Sesame Street mashup of “Sure Shot”. Oscar as MCA, Grover as Ad-Rock, and Cookie Monster as Mike D is pretty great, but it doesn’t beat the Kermits for me. Still good stuff though.

I often wonder if Matt & Kim ever get upset. They’re always smiling and seem like they’re just having so much FUN all the time. It’s pretty infectious, which was apparent when they played Fallon this week. The Roots definitely caught it!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kindest Lines is relatively new on my radar, but I am enjoying what I have heard so far. They are out of New Orleans, which seems to have quite a music scene brewing lately, and are dark but dancey. Check out their debut album, Covered In Dust, which has been out for just over a month or so now, and they will soon be touring with Xiu Xiu, so check them out if they turn up in your ‘hood.

Not new on anyone’s radar is LCD Soundsystem, and some fine individual has remade their video for “All My Friends” in Lego. It is pretty great. You can compare it to the original here if you like to do that sort of thing.

It seems as if documentaries on bands are popping up more and more often lately. Beats Rhymes & Life, the doc on A Tribe Called Quest, was directed by Michael Rapaport which seemed like an odd pairing. That one is in limited release around the US, but sadly, I don’t think it has made it north of the border just yet. I would love to see this one and have actually considered road tripping to go see it, but I’m sure the internet will eventually throw me a bone.

In a more logical pairing, there is the Pearl Jam doc from Cameron Crowe that will be premiering at TIFF this year. I was a big-time Pearl Jam fan back in the day. They were the band I most connected with in high school. A friend of mine worked at a surf shop and got to deliver a custom board to Eddie once and they became surfing buddies. Obviously, I thought my friend was the coolest ever.

Watching the trailer brought back a lot of memories. You have to admit, Pearl Jam is pretty amazing. There aren’t many bands of that era that have survived this long that are still making music together; I have a lot of respect for them as a result. Looking forward to checking this one out too.

You wouldn’t think the White House would be up on internet memes, but I guess if that meme involves Rick Astley, they might be. You also wouldn’t think the White House would Rickroll someone via twitter, but that totally happened last week. Good one, sir!

Here Today

The vid for “The Body” from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart is pretty nostalgic and summery. Good stuff for an overcast “summer” day like today.


My cable/internet went out last week and I popped in my The Work of Director Mark Romanek DVD from the Director’s Series. I have the full series, with the exception of Chris Cunningham, (his vids are too creepy to watch repeatedly,) and it was a fantastic flashback. This led to a conversation later in the week with a co-worker about the genius that is Rick Rubin, then RHCP let loose their first single from their next album, I’m With You, which also happens to be produced by Mr. Rubin. Full circle – you like that? Anyway, you can check the track over here. If you liked them before, you will probably still like them, despite the latest of their guitarist change-ups.

Pictureplane is one of those acts that sounds like a band, but is actually just one guy. His last album, Dark Rift, was solid and his new album, Thee Physical, comes out on Tuesday. I highly suggest you scoop it up in your preferred format. It is, as they say, “good shit”.


Hot damn, I wish Big Freedia actually did a Bounce class. The way she shakes it seems to defy the laws of physics and she passes along her sweet skill set in the vid for “Excuse”.

Rubber Bands

I only know two people from Lafayette, Louisiana and they are terribly nice and wonderful people. The Givers also hail from Lafayette and recently released their first album, In Light. Their music is something you might hear at a party where you’re not really paying attention to the music, then all of a sudden stop mid-sentence and say, “who is this?” It’s got that hint of Africa that’s been catching on lately and they pop it up right.

Anyhow, they now have a video for their track, “Up, Up, Up”. It’s a pretty simple one and it features tilt-shift and some spaciness, courtesy of a green screen.


Mates of State are just straight-up awesome. They are an awesome band, but also awesome parents and awesome human beings, in general. I still have one of the “rock people” that their daughter, Magnolia, made and sold while they were on tour to raise money for kids who didn’t have stuff. It’s not as glittery as it was when I first got it and the eyes(?) have fallen off, but it’s just another testament to their awesomeness in my book. Their next album, Mountaintops, will be coming out on September 13th and will most likely also be awesome. Awesome.


And in case you were wondering, the future still looks crazy, fantastic and is not as far away as we think. I want to go to there.