Month: June 2011

No Doze

“Fun” is the best way to describe Matt & Kim. Their latest video for “Block After Block” kind of embodies my idea of them – smiling, laughing, a living breathing good time for any group of people. I love how much they identify with New York, and not in snooty, hipster way à la the Strokes. They just do their thing and don’t try to fit into any particular mould and that’s a pretty refreshing thing these days.


Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah will finally be releasing their next album, Hysterical, on September 20th, (September 12th overseas). This album has been 4 years in the making and I really wasn’t sure what to expect after all this time. But they have released the first single and it sounds a lot fuller and melodic, and less frantic. I am officially stoked.


Little Person

In a former life, I was a radio DJ for an awesome radio station that no longer exists. It was during my tenure there that Foo Fighters released their first album and I was fortunate enough to go see them when they stopped by during their first, (I think,) tour. During that show, Dave had not settled into his new role as frontman yet. You could tell he was uncomfortable being thrust into the spotlight rather than his usual spot tucked away behind his drum kit and there was none of the witty banter that now comes so naturally to him. It’s been really interesting to see them grow into the rock superstars they are today. I, admittedly, have been out of touch with the Foo over the last few years. I did, however, feel like their latest video for “Walk” was a bit of a return to their The Colour and the Shape days. It’s a fun vid with the band playing a bunch of different characters – some of which are in drag. It’s a nice little flashback.

And speaking of flashbacks, this was from back in that era. I don’t remember what it was for, but I do remember laughing my ass off when they posted the audio clip on their site. It was one of the things that really sealed Dave Grohl into my “awesome” file.

My friend, Nappy, is a bang-up PR lady. One of the first lunchtime conversations I remember having with her was about how she loves Sister Wives and now, every time I hear this song I think of her. I don’t know very much about Alex Winston, other than that she is from Michigan and one of her previous singles was used in some European ad campaigns. Good track though. Maybe we will learn more about her at some point, but for now she will remain cloaked in mystery.


There has been a bit of a revival of darker new-wave synth-pop over the last few years and Cold Cave has been one of the more popular bands on that ride. Sometimes I overthink my motivations for liking these bands and this music, but then I realize that it doesn’t matter what my motivations are – I enjoy it and that’s all that should really matter.