Month: March 2011

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The A.V. Club strikes again! They’ve begun another edition of their “Undercover” series, which you might remember from last year. This time around, they kicked it off with Iron & Wine covering the classic George Michael ballad, “One More Try”. You can find it here and while you’re at it, scope out the upcoming covers because the list is FANTASTIC.

Another bit of awesome is that the A.V. Club is using the new track from a band I absolutely LOVE, Maritime, as the theme music for this series of Undercover. Their new album, “Human Hearts,” comes out on April 5th and I am super stoked about it. The boys braved an actual blizzard to shoot this video; no special weather machines necessary. I friggin’ love this track and cannot wait to hear the rest of the album next week!

Folk Death 95

I am, admittedly, a bit late to the Big Freedia party. But really, if you are throwing an event where you want people to leave completely drenched with sweat from shaking their ass all night, put on some Big Freedia and consider your mission accomplished. You know how Andrew W.K.’s songs are 98% about partying hard? Big Freedia is kind of like that, except ass-shaking instead. The genre of music Freeedia is pioneering is termed, “Sissy Bounce” which arose out of the housing projects of New Orleans. You can read more about that in her bio, which is actually quite interesting. I remember the booty era of music in the early 90’s and I was staunchly not in favour of it because it felt cheap and demeaning. Bounce, however, feels more like a celebration. And despite the many, many asses, (amongst other things,) you will see in these vids, I think you’ll agree – no one shakes it quite as well as Big Freedia herself.

This one is video shot of a live performance in a strip club called Little Darlin’s in New Orleans. So yeah, it’s NSFW for most people.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


It’s great to see the Human League still at it, some 30-plus years in. They recently released their latest album, Credo, overseas at the beginning of the month and along with it, came this trippy video. Mirrors, man… mirrors…


Spike Jonze, what’s-not-to-like Jonze. Last time I mentioned the good Mr. Jonze, it was in praise of his amazing short film, I’m Here. Spike has had a pretty notable career so far and has worked with many an acclaimed band. Now, as if on cue with their Grammy win, Arcade Fire can be added to that list. Win and Will Butler co-wrote Scenes From The Suburbs with Spike and say it was meant as a companion piece to their album, “The Suburbs”. It had it’s official debut at the Berlin Film Festival, but also just played at SXSW. I’m always interested in Spike’s work, so since I’m not with the über elite in Austin, this trailer will have to do.

Speaking of Spike, his buddy Michel Gondry directed a pretty spectacular video for The Living Sisters. This trio of ladies features The Bird & The Bee‘s Inara George, as well as Eleni Mandell and Becky Stark. (You might recognize Stark from her other group, Lavender Diamond or her contributions on The Decemberists Hazards of Love album.) This video is classic Gondry with his use of models and seamless intersecting of multiple storylines, just like he did in the video for “Sugar Water”, way back in the mid-90’s. He is such an adorably charming Frenchman and a damn dazzling director and creative mind.

Here is a video where the visuals completely overshadow the music but in this case, I am a-ok with it. Orelha Negra‘s video for “M.I.R.I.A.M.” features the art of Alexandre Farto and it is pretty mind-blowing stuff, (no pun intended). Music is alright, but the video is A+.

I Feel Better

Dominique Young Unique is killin’ it again with her vid for “War Talk”. Hard to believe this girl is only 19(?) years old. And from Tampa. Yes, Tampa.

Another band whose sound doesn’t seem to suit their home turf is Void Camp. These guys are from Spain and are, from what I read, talented as all hell. I wonder how one goes about casting for a video like this? However they do it, the track is great and these ladies seem to be having a grand ol’ time. NSFW – unless bare asses being spanked by white ladies flies in your workplace, that is.

I’ve been into Architecture In Helsinki for several years now and though their sound has evolved over that time, I’m still digging the quirky Aussies. This track doesn’t feature any clarinet or tuba like previous tracks, but I like its poppy feel and its 80’s-inspired video. Their new album, “Moment Bends”, hits North America on May 3rd.

Toronto gives us Small Sins and I am loving this tune and its vid. This is one of those bands that is pretty much one main guy, (Thomas D’Arcy,) with a supporting band, but that doesn’t make them any less good.

I’ll close tonight with a song that gets my toes tapping and my head bopping. Leave it to Music Go Music to take it back. I know I’ve posted this track before, but this is a different video from the LA kids with the sound fresh out of the 70’s. If you don’t like ABBA, just call it a night and forget it. If, however, you are down with the AB like I am, you might just smile at a stranger on your way to work when you’ve got this stuck in your head.