Month: January 2011

Spare Change

Have a bunch of super rad tracks for you today, the first being from Theophilus London, featuring Sara Quin, (she puts the Sara in Tegan & Sara). I had to listen to it back-to-back – it is that good! He’s got a 5-song EP coming out on the 8th titled Lovers Holiday, and, surprise, he’s from that current music mecca – Brooklyn.

Another fantastic track from Fleet Foxes was unleashed into the wilds of the internet today. It’s off their upcoming album of the same name and they’ll be hitting a city near you in support, so be sure to catch them when they roll through your city. It’s been almost 3 years since their last glorious album, so I’ve got my excited pants on for this one.

Speaking of bands coming to town, MNDR will be opening for Chromeo at the Commodore on February 10the & 11th. The show on the 10th has been sold out for a while now but you can still get in on the second show. And as a warm-up to the warm-up, some new goodness from MNDR.

Not too shabby for a Monday.

Calypso Gold

Not a great day, but at least I can get a post in.

This week gave us a new Sleigh Bells video for “Rill Rill”. Tough girl and a muscle car. Not reinventing the wheel or anything with this one, but it’s a good song and seems to somehow suit the band well.

Last week also gave us a vid from Matt & Kim for “Cameras”. No shiny happy Matt & Kim in this one, but I bet they had a blast filming.

My friend Ian is an amazing artist. Earlier this month, he put together a Pummelvision piece that is quite nice, and I was quite happy to see a flash of a pic I took of him ages and ages ago. It’s probably one of my favourite pictures I have ever taken – Ian in his aviators, taking a sip of his water in the sun. Actually, those might have been someone else’s glasses now that I’m thinking about it. I remember it was at Milestone’s at English Bay and Ian and our other friend German were just up visiting for the weekend. That picture brings back a lot of bittersweet memories. It isn’t that it wasn’t a good time, it’s more that I had to walk away from it. But as I watched this, it was really nice to see some familiar faces. The word of the day is nostalgia. The pic comes in around 3:48 if you can catch it.

And here’s a little bonus nostalgia that takes me right back to that time too.


My brief review of the Golden Globes.

  • Comedians are way funnier if they don’t laugh at their own jokes. It makes me hate Leno (more), and it makes me dislike Ricky Gervais.
  • There are a lot of women who need to practice walking in a full-length gown without flashing their Spanx.
  • Jenny Lewis and Jake Gyllenhaal – back together? Just old “friends”? Either way, I am liking him less and less with his lady choices. When it comes to Jenny Lewis, I have to split her into two entities – Jenny Lewis the singer (97.5% awesome), and Jenny Lewis the frequent hipster arm-candy (ugh). She has amassed quite a track record, which some might find impressive, however it just makes me roll my eyes.
  • Johnny Depp’s head appears to be a completely different colour than the rest of him. Careful there, Johnny – you’re leaning more Oompa Loompa than Wonka. But then again, you weren’t the only one.
  • The cut-aways to various celebs were really unfortunate. I don’t care to see Angelina Jolie ever, nevermind applying her lip gloss. People were making odd faces, they cut to people shuffling between seats in the overcrowded room… it made it seem very un-Hollywood, which is not what you want to see when you are watching a Hollywood awards show.

Okay, so that wasn’t so short. I wasn’t very impressed with ze Globes. It seemed kind of bush league as far as awards shows go.

Onward then. I have generally liked couple bands. Mates of State, Matt & Kim, ABBA, despite the earlier reference, the Postal Service… So here comes another – Rainbow Arabia. They hail from Los Angeles and here’s a sample from their upcoming release, “Boys and Diamonds”. Sounds quite promising!

Sweet Adeline

I love Jónsi. I think he is absolutely brilliant. Imagine my shock as I was sitting on my couch over the holidays and saw a Ford commercial pumping “Go Do” as a bed. My first thought was, “Oh here’s another commercial where they blatantly ripped off a song because the artist had too much integrity and declined their buckets of money.” But then as the commercial went on, it wasn’t a blatant rip-off; it was the real thing. Then as it came to a close, the words flashed across the screen – Go. Do. What?! It’s not only the song in the commercial, but it’s the tagline??? And of all companies, Ford? Everyone has to get the bills paid and all, but this was highly unexpected. I’m still kind of dumbfounded over the whole thing. Jónsi makes me think of beautiful things and art, not American-made SUVs.

Sometimes it’s hard to have faith in humanity. *cough*SarahPalin*cough* We all encounter jerks and complete idiots on a daily basis, but hopefully we are lucky enough to surround ourselves with some really awesome people to help balance it out. Every once in a while I hear or read about something that really refills my faith-in-humanity tank, and today it was a a story about Southwest airlines. If you don’t feel like clicking through and reading the full story, essentially the Southwest pilot held his flight for one passenger. The man was was on his way to be with his daughter as they took his 3 year-old grandson, (who was murdered by his daughter’s boyfriend,) off of life support. It’s a pretty amazing story considering the state of travel these days. The TSA wouldn’t help this poor guy – they were too busy being heartless groping/porno-scanning robots to care. But this one pilot got it. He knew how important it was for the man to get where he was going and did what he could to make sure he got there. Pretty awesome, pilot guy.

That story made me remember another airline-related, heartwarming tale I read about over the holidays.

Wasn’t that nice? Are your cockles warmed? So there you go – awesome happens, sometimes where you least expect it.


It has been previously established that I love me some Seinfeld. Seems that some not-so-clever young man took things a bit too seriously and tried to pull off some real-life Frogger, a la George, and got himself killed. I’m no genius but come on, world – let’s use our brains.

Speaking of Frogger, remember this video? When I first saw it, it reminded me of Frogger. The director of that video, Cyriak Harris, put together Eskmo‘s video for “We Got More”. The beat of the song coupled with the way the video is cut gives me a real “Sledgehammer” feel. Seems like he’s got reminding me of something classic down.

I really enjoy this video from Amsterdam’s Monokino. It looks like it was fun to film and has some pretty great costumes to boot. I particularly like the drum set and guitar guys. I’m also very curious about what’s in that ball/fruit/egg thing with the singer… and where are they all going, anyway?

Here’s a little New Year’s gift for the world from Rivers Cuomo. He covers the classic, “God Only Knows”, solo and homemade-video style. It’s pretty sweet. (That’s sweet in a touching way, not in a Dude Where’s My Car way.)

An old friend of mine once wrote a movie review for his zine. I think it was for Die Hard, and this was 1996-97 so the movie was already nearing its tenth anniversary at that point, which made it all the better. My friend enjoyed Die Hard, so after a brief write-up he rated it, “One thumb up from the Def Leppard drummer”. That is still my favourite movie review to date and I thought of it immediately when I read about this: