Month: October 2010

Sand Canyon

BC Band, You Say Party! We Say Die! lost their drummer, Devon Clifford, after he collapsed onstage at a show in April at the Rickshaw, here in Vancouver. They have since dropped the, “We Say Die!”, from their name and have dedicated their vid for “Lonely’s Lunch” to Devon.

Diplo has been a busy little DJ. He’s making commercials for BlackBerry, remixing just about everybody, and battling Lil Jon. Bear witness.

Although hailing from Brooklyn, the Drums sound way more 80’s Brit new wave than NYC. They give me a Psychedelic Furs vibe that makes me want to dance subtly around my apartment. I’m into it.

Another NYC band, The Hundred In the Hands has this pretty visually fantastic video for their single, “Commotion”. Keep an ear on these guys. I have a feeling you’ll be hearing more from them.

Come On

Since my new TV died last night and I have to wait for a tech to fix it, who knows when, I suddenly have a ton of time to work on improving my posture and catching up on ze blog. I admit, I have been slacking in both departments. Sorry, dudes! This post is all awesomeness as amends.

There is only one sport that occupies my heart of hearts, and that sport is hockey. I have noticed lately that my nightly hockey highlights have occasionally taken second string to a thing called the “World Series”. While I may be from America, and while it is the sport of choice down there, I am, by no means, a baseball fan. I know the Yankees because, who doesn’t, and really most of my knowledge there comes from Seinfeld.

Music, on the other hand, has been a love-affair with me since birth, maybe even before. I have loved Journey since back in their heyday and the revival they have experienced over the past few years thanks to their YouTube-discovered lead singer and the Sopranos, has been a bit bittersweet. It’s always like that when there is a band that you love but they aren’t very well-known. Then one day they’re on an über-successful soundtrack or TV show and all of a sudden everyone loves them. It’s as if it is not as much yours anymore.

So how does this all come together? Well it turns out former Journey frontman, Steve Perry, is a big time San Francisco Giants fan has been in attendance for their World Series quest. It was there that he most recently reconfirmed his awesomeness by leading the entire stadium in singing “Don’t Stop Believin'” from his seat in the stands. Steve Perry, you are amazing.

Serena Maneesh has this pretty great video for their single, “D.I.W.S.W.T.T.D.”. Be sure you stick around for the very end. Yay, Norway!

Moving next door to my favourite land of Sweden, we have a vid for “Indestructible”. People doing it in reverse and Robyn in some wearable tubes, pumping fluids. Not a super fascinating vid but a good track.

Matt & Kim‘s new album, Sidewalks, comes on out Tuesday and all sample tracks I have heard indicate radness and fun times, as has generally come to be expected from that ever-smiley couple.

I can think of a specific person I know that will be ALL OVER this video from Leather Hands. Then again, anyone into boobs will probably be all over this video. If you can’t tell from the screen capture, you might want to think twice about watching this at work. No nips but lots of vertical lines, just like the title proclaims, and… ahem… bounciness.