From Here to L.A.

Zooey Deschanel ups her cute quotient in this vid for “In the Sun”. Oh yeah, I guess M. Ward is in it too, or else it would just be She instead of She & Him.

You might recognize the kids that sang backup for Passion Pit as the PS22 Chorus – 5th graders from Staten Island’s Public School 22. They also have done some small gigs like the White House, and have got quite a following. If you check out their YouTube channel, you’ll see their director, Mr. B., makes some excellent selections for these kids, (despite the questionable cornrows,) and they seem like they are all legitimately having fun. Basically, they are amazing. Phoenix has been signing their praises, (eh? signing? pun? no?) on French TV for their rendition of “Liztomania”, which is pretty fantastic.

Since I was granted an extra day off last week, I had a chance to catch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!, and it just so happened it was the episode with Mates of State. If I were given any sort of babysitting-type task, I would totally watch this show with the kiddies. It’s a fun show, they have fantastic bands and other celebs on and they’re not pointless like other idiot kids shows I’ve seen. Sorry, Sesame Street, but YGG is the awesomest kids show EVER. They even went to Coachella. Big Bird and his crew got nuthin’ on these guys, son.

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