Month: April 2010

Inches and Failing

Does anyone remember the Sprockets episode with, “He loves me, he loves my caribou”? That may have been the first time in my Hawaiian-isle childhood I had ever heard reference to a caribou, and I’m not sure why something like that stuck with me but it did. Sprockets was created by Mike Myers, who is a proud Canadian. He based the character, Dieter, on a waiter he had once in his hometown of Toronto. Toronto is about an hour away from Dundas, which is where Caribou is from.¬†Whenever I heard¬†Caribou, it always took me right back to that skit with its tight black turtlenecks and slicked back hair, even though I only realized the big-picture connection recently. P.S. Congratulations to Dundas on being named Kraft Hockeyville 2010! I’m sure Caribou is proud.

I’m not sure why Mr. Gyllenhaal has been popping up in music videos lately, but this one is particularly good. I mean, how can it not be good? It’s got Jake, Lil’Jon, RZA, and a Jonas brother. Oh yeah, and it’s also for Vampire Weekend. Lil’ Jon should be a tennis coach for real and all tennis matches should be refereed by RZA playing Morpheus, don’t you think?