Christmas Time Is Here

It’s less than three weeks until Xmas is upon us and I have been seeing lots of gift ideas on the interwebs. I am going to share them with you because I am not getting any of these things for any of my friends for various reasons, but they would be excellent gifts for people out there.

Kevin Smith is a funny guy, regardless of whether or not you like his movies. He wrote some books:

If you didn’t see Spike Jonze’s sweet-ass Where the Wild Things Are, you totally missed out. But I’m sure someone you know saw it and loved it, and maybe even cried at it. This book would be lovely for them.

I heart John Hodgeman. I probably hearted him before I even realized it. He’s funny and smart and plays songs like, “Tonight You Belong To Me,” on the ukulele. I haven’t read his books but would like to, as I think they would cause me to sit giggling in my pyjamas under a cozy blanket. I bet you know someone who could use a giggle in pyjamas under a cozy blanket too.

All three seasons of The Mighty Boosh, all together on seven discs, loaded with bonus features. Um, yes.

Another complete series, this time from the genius that is/was The State. I plan on picking this one up for myself, as I am one of the screaming, delirious masses that have been begging for this DVD for the last 15-ish years. Yeah, I was begging for this DVD before DVDs were even DVDs.

Brandon Bird is one talented mofo. You couldn’t go wrong with anything from his store. There is one thing in there that is too awesome for words, though.

Even if you didn’t see Up, you love Dug. No one can NOT love Dug.

Some classic games, and you can get them in some super-fun versions.

And how could anyone not want to cuddle up in a…

This pretty much speaks for itself.

For your office-worker buddy who thinks they’re a badass.

I am totally one of those people who can’t keep a plant alive. I don’t know about the plant-killers in your life, but I think these would make me feel better about my lack of a green thumb.

For the eco-conscious, clean-types.

I’m terrible at keeping journals, and I know I’m not alone.

If I had a landline, I would be all over this phone.

You don’t need to be artsy to appreciate this.

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