Edge of Seventeen

Rainn Wilson seems like a pretty cool guy. Rivers Cuomo, while pretty talented, seems less so. I will admit, I totally had a thing for Rivers back in the Blue Album/Pinkerton era, but I will also admit that when I develop a thing for celebrity-types, I tend to pick the biggest a-holes and man-whores of the bunch, so that’s pretty on-par. I know this is going to sound kind of like we’ve blasted back to the 60’s, but Rainn and Rivers did a cover of “One of Us”. Yes, that song about if God was a regular Joe that was the sole hit for Joan Osbourne back in the mid-90’s. I love that Rainn says he’s “a pretty mean bongoist”. Anyway, there’s a lot of chit-chat at the start, so if you just want to hear the song, go to about 4:41-ish in.

Speaking of actors, St. Vincent’s video for “Actor Out of Work” features a bunch of actors crying for an audition. It makes me a bit uncomfortable seeing how they get prepared for it and the different types of crying they conjure up. Not sure why it makes me uncomfortable – maybe because you get to see the falsity of it. Anyway, it’s a good song and the video also features a beautiful chair.


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