Whole Wide World

Chromeo keeps it clean on Yo Gabba Gabba!

It always really upsets me when I hear stories on the news about people taking advantage of elderly people. So when I heard about this 84 year-old man kicking ass, I had to give him some props.

You may have heard Disney is making an updated version of Tron called TR2N. While the only thing that gives me any confidence in the Disney mega-machine is their association with Pixar, they are on the right track tagging Daft Punk to do the score for this one.

Remember that show 3rd Rock from the Sun? Remember that kid, Joseph Gordon-Levitt? My friend’s brother’s company softball team used to play against the 3rd Rock team, so they sometimes would go hang out with him on occasion and they all thought he was a pretty cool guy. Well, it turns out he’s all grown up and we’ll just say he’s aged well. He’s got a movie coming out called 500 Days of Summer with Zooey Deschanel.

Excellent soundtrack as well, and if you’re interested in reading director Marc Webb’s song-by-song breakdown, it’s here. I have 6 words for you: Patrick Swayze – “She’s Like the Wind”.

N.W.A. movie? I hope it doesn’t suck.

Flaming Lips covering “Borderline”. Yes, that “Borderline”. Ace.

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