I am enjoying this video from Malajube for “Porté Disparu”. Where do they get those suits? They are phenomenal.

Fleet Foxes, I am a fan. I don’t find this video particularly interesting, but it’s pretty cool and seems like it took a lot of hard work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More and more frequently, I find myself wondering how anyone ever got by before the internet. Today, I discovered a freaking awesome site, JetPens. Since I was little, I have had a thing for pens. I have always had a million pens and have a great appreciation for a good one. I have a friend that lives in Japan and every once in a while, she would send me an assortment of pens and for this, I will love her forever. JetPens stocks all the best, hard-to-find pens, pencils and stationery from Japan and they ship internationally. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Time for the Grammy Awards, and this year they actually seem worth watching.

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