Month: February 2009

Trompe Le Monde

I am very interested in Elvis Costello’s new show, “Spectacle”, though I haven’t caught it yet. Seems like he has excellent guests lined up for it and I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Costello not only as a musician, but also as a human being. Here’s Elvis, Jenny Lewis and Zooey Deschanel doing “Carpetbaggers”. I wonder what the awkwardness level was between the two ladies?

Head over to MySpace to hear “Zero” off the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs album “It’s Blitz!”

Dig Your Grave

Here is a beautiful new video from Ladytron for “Tomorrow”.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


I am looking forward to hearing The Boy Least Likely To‘s new album which will be out on March 9th. You can sample some of it here. I like what I hear so far. I like it a lot.

Pac-man ghost lamps = I want.

New School of Seven Bells video for “Half Asleep”:

You can stream the full Heroes comp at MySpace. Good cause, good album. It’s just all-around good. In case you haven’t heard anything about this, they asked some legendary artists to choose a newer artist to cover one of their songs. So you get Beck doing Bob Dylan, Lily Allen doing the Clash, Hot Chip doing Joy Division, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s doing the Ramones, and on and on and on. It comes out in Canada on March 3rd and in the US on Feb. 24th.

Darn that Starbucks! A few years ago I got the Sweetheart 2005 Compilation and now they’ve put out another one. This year, they are releasing a 2009 version and it sure is a winner. Yes, this is another comp of covers, and yes, this one is supposedly their favourite love songs, and yes, today is Valentine’s Day. You can hear A.C. Newman covering “Take On Me”, Death Cab for Cutie covering “Love Song” and more. I need to pick one of these up next time I go in for a venti soy chai latte with caramel drizzle. Fo-shizzle.

Remember the Cardigans? What am I talking about, sure you do! I enjoyed them and you did too before you got sick of that “Love Fool” song. In 2001, singer Nina Persson put out a solo album under the name A-Camp and now, 9 years later, we get a second album titled Colonia. Sample a track here and look forward to it’s release stateside on April 28th.


I am enjoying this video from Malajube for “Porté Disparu”. Where do they get those suits? They are phenomenal.

Fleet Foxes, I am a fan. I don’t find this video particularly interesting, but it’s pretty cool and seems like it took a lot of hard work.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

More and more frequently, I find myself wondering how anyone ever got by before the internet. Today, I discovered a freaking awesome site, JetPens. Since I was little, I have had a thing for pens. I have always had a million pens and have a great appreciation for a good one. I have a friend that lives in Japan and every once in a while, she would send me an assortment of pens and for this, I will love her forever. JetPens stocks all the best, hard-to-find pens, pencils and stationery from Japan and they ship internationally. Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

Time for the Grammy Awards, and this year they actually seem worth watching.

Inches and Failing

A metal shirt is a badge of honour and you probably want to have that badge last for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to keep your precious shirts virtually immortal.

When geeks go bad.

New Q-Tip featuring Busta Rhymes, Raekwon and Lil Wayne here.

Also, new Raekwon featuring Ghostface Killah & Method Man here.

The latest Red Hot charity compilation is called “Dark Was the Night” and it comes out on February 17th. 31 tracks, 2 CDs or 3 LPs, an amazing track listing, and all benefiting the Red Hot Organization. It’s winners all around, I’d say.