Month: December 2008

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Do you know someone who likes Obama? Do you know someone who likes unicorns? Well, I think you just hit the jackpot.

Will someone PLEASE make me some potato latkes? *WARNING: This recipe has boobs on the page. Yes, I’m serious.

I’m surprised this hasn’t come up sooner, but LG is releasing a wrist phone and it seems pretty darn cool.

Waitin’ For A Superman

I have been looking for a new messenger to replace my nearly 10 year-old one for a very long time. After many years, I think I have found a winner. It’s slightly bigger than the one I have loved for the last decade and also goes with the buckle closure rather than the velcro my current love has. (Sometimes when I sit on carpet and have my bag on, I get stuck to the floor.) I’ll wait until after all the Xmas madness is over to order, and hopefully in that time I will be able to find it somewhere that won’t charge a ridiculous $28 for shipping. The hunt is on.

Ben Gibbard leaves me terribly heartbroken in this interview when referencing the second Postal Service album as “the record that will never come out”. *tear*

In more uplifting music news, there is a rather comical video to go along with a new track from Peter, Bjorn and John which you can find here. The have a new album scheduled for release sometime next year.

Bloc Party has released a video for “One Month Off” and I like it. You make the call.