Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts – chOda

Sometimes I get overly excited about things that not many other people get excited about. I was having a conversation today with an old friend and we were talking about this and it brought back two specific memories for me. Both were commercials featuring bands that I really love and I remembered how ridiculously excited I was the first time I saw each of these. The more recent of the two was a commercial for AT&T featuring Mates of State.

I remember actually leaping off the couch and shrieking when I saw this one. “That looks an awful lot like… HOLY SHIT THAT’S MATES OF STATE!” I called my friends, I left messages. Excitement.

The other commercial was one from back during the Barcelona Olympics. It was for Bell Canada and featured “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie.

That time, I remember hearing just the opening piano chord and knowing instantly it was Death Cab. My head shot up from the book I was reading and I watched wide-eyed as the wave grew larger and larger as the song built and built. That commercial gave me goose bumps and, I will admit, may have even made me cry on some occasions. It was an emotional time and it was a great spot with an amazing song tied to it. It made me shriek again when I found that commercial on Youtube tonight. Now that’s a good commercial.


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  1. oh yeah, i forgot to mention that mates of state commercial. funny though, it was a completely different one that i saw because i don’t remember this one. it could’ve been the ‘canadian’ version…

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