Painter In Your Pocket


Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

It’s a big day. Obama is the next President. I have never, ever in my life been so emotional over anything even remotely political. I am completely overwhelmed and know that this is a monumental event in American history. They showed Jesse Jackson with his face covered in tears and it nearly brought me to tears myself. This is huge. In the years I have been living in Canada, Bush has been in office and the thought of moving back to the U.S. made me cringe, but with Obama in charge I feel like there is a new hope. His election has renewed my faith in my country, and I’m positive that I’m not the only one. Today, I am proud to be an American. 

This is a very long video, but totally sweet in sentiment and maxed out in nerdiness. In fact, it might just be the nerdiest thing I have ever seen, but the romance offsets it so it’s all right by me.

Baconnaise. Genius or a step too far?


There will always be a special place in my heart for the Muppets. My first record was the soundtrack to The Great Muppet Caper. I remember Jim Henson’s passing and being very sad. It had never crossed my mind that he would die one day. He seemed immortal, and I guess he kind of is. I still lose it when I see Big Bird singing at his memorial though.

On a lighter note, a tip for the season for you drivers out there.

Sleep well tonight, America.


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