Life In Marvelous Times

I enjoyed Be Kind Rewind. I lovelovelove Michel Gondry, so that should be no surprise. Now, I have seen Mos Def in a few things and he is a pretty all right actor, but let us not forget his roots. He’s got a new track streaming online and I’m into it, even early on a daylight savings switch-over Sunday morning.

Lukestar is a band I’ve had my ear on for the last few months. They are from Norway and you can get a free download of their track “White Shade” here.

Jonathan Johansson is also now on my radar thanks to this track titled “En hand i himlen” (A Hand In Heaven). Sweden just keeps on giving with Love Is All‘s video for “Wishing Well“. It’s a fun video featuring the band playing on the beach. They are a good time when the occasion calls for it.

Adding still to the Swede stampede is Jens Lekman. He played a free benefit show at Northampton High School Auditorium yesterday. The show was put on for a girl who lost her legs when she was hit by a drunk driver. High school was not this cool when I went. Do we thank The O.C.? No, that can’t be right. But mad props to Jens Lekman, that’s for sure!

I am not a big fan of the Dresden Dolls, but I did get a giggle out of singer Amanda Palmer’s video for “Oasis“. Her album was produced by Ben Folds, so I suppose the appeal shouldn’t be all that surprising. I should probably warn you that there is brief, simulated sex so maybe not the best to be viewed at work. Oh yeah, and there are also some brief, non-simulated hairy armpits.


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