Month: November 2008

Gloria – Mineral

The Criterion edition of Bottle Rocket is out! Hot diggity!

In honour of my American heritage and our most beloved Thanksgiving, I give you the Turkey-shaped Jell-o Mold Competition of 2008.

Pie-hats are go!

This is too nerdy for words. The man made a theremin using a Wiimote, a laptop and a synthesizer… and he’s playing the Star Trek theme on it. Get right out.

Radiohead had an animated-video contest and you can see the winners here.

Run Wild

Snoop was on Martha. He taught her some vocabulary and she taught him how to make some mashed potatoes. I love that Martha rolls with everyone. Part one & part two. I remember her drinking a 40 of O.E. on Conan back in the day. I love Martha for these exact reasons.

Hey Brooklyn! You can stop proving your coolness already. Really, we know.

Jenny Lewis apparently does a small voice part in the new movie Bolt. She also apparently has a song on the soundtrack titled “Barking At the Moon“.

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Darren Aronofsky has a new movie coming out called The Wrestler. Good ol’ Mickey Rourke is playing the lead and it looks like he fucking nails it. Aronofsky is a fantastic director and since I love wrestling, this is right up my alley. Find the beautiful trailer here.

Pop quiz: Johnny Cash + Bob Dylan = _________. Answer: Awesome.

Casiokids are from Norway. Casiokids are poppy and fun. Casiokids have a myspace page with 3 songs on it. Make friends with Casiokids.

Take All You Can Take

Sigur Rós has a video out for Við spilum endalaust. Not all that exciting of a video but Sigur Rós nonetheless.

Rivers Cuomo might be full of himself and pompous, but goddamn if he isn’t a talented mofo with some darn catchy songs. I have a soft spot for Weezer, though I doubt my love for them will ever reach the same peak it hit during the Pinkerton days. Anyhow, his second solo album, Alone 2 – The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo comes out on the 25th and you can preview a new track on his myspace page.

Beck has a new video for “Youthless” that is pretty great.

Boyz II Men was a group from my youth and I will admit, they did their thing and did it well. I mean, can anyone deny “End of the Road” or “On Bended Knee”? How soon we forget the catchiness of “Mowtown Philly”! You know who didn’t forget? Jens Lekman, that’s who. Here he is covering “Water Runs Dry” live. I want to give him a great big hug.

Another band from my past is Pearl Jam. I had the major hots for Eddie Vedder back in the day and actually even have a light switch plate featuring Mr. Vedder in my apartment. Pitchfork has a cover he did with Corin Tucker of the John Doe and Kathleen Edwards track “The Golden State” which you can find here. It’s quite lovely.

Why? has an awesome video for “A Sky for Shoeing Horses Under” up at Pitchfork as well.

The Hives are doing a Christmas duet with Cyndi Lauper. Believe it.

If you have an appreciation for hip-hop, these 13 minutes are for you. All I can say is, De La Soul, Mos Def, Kanye West,, Nas, Damon Albarn, and freestyle. Go. Go now.

Snare Hangar

New trailer for Watchmen! Goose bumps!

FAO Schwartz got some mad cred for that big piano in Big, so I guess they are overdue for mad cred renewal. All I can say is, FUCK THAT PIANO BECAUSE NOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN MUPPET!!! And you get it for the bargain price of $90! That is the best thing I have seen in a long time! Sorry for the profanity, but I was really excited.

I am as down with festive cookie cutters as the next gal, but this? I just don’t know.

Since I was very young, I have imagined being able to somehow record what I was seeing, from my own perspective. If this lady gets this project going, it could actually become a possibility. The future is now.

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts – chOda

Sometimes I get overly excited about things that not many other people get excited about. I was having a conversation today with an old friend and we were talking about this and it brought back two specific memories for me. Both were commercials featuring bands that I really love and I remembered how ridiculously excited I was the first time I saw each of these. The more recent of the two was a commercial for AT&T featuring Mates of State.

I remember actually leaping off the couch and shrieking when I saw this one. “That looks an awful lot like… HOLY SHIT THAT’S MATES OF STATE!” I called my friends, I left messages. Excitement.

The other commercial was one from back during the Barcelona Olympics. It was for Bell Canada and featured “Transatlanticism” by Death Cab for Cutie.

That time, I remember hearing just the opening piano chord and knowing instantly it was Death Cab. My head shot up from the book I was reading and I watched wide-eyed as the wave grew larger and larger as the song built and built. That commercial gave me goose bumps and, I will admit, may have even made me cry on some occasions. It was an emotional time and it was a great spot with an amazing song tied to it. It made me shriek again when I found that commercial on Youtube tonight. Now that’s a good commercial.

Painter In Your Pocket


Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

Presidential pumpkin... in CANADA.

It’s a big day. Obama is the next President. I have never, ever in my life been so emotional over anything even remotely political. I am completely overwhelmed and know that this is a monumental event in American history. They showed Jesse Jackson with his face covered in tears and it nearly brought me to tears myself. This is huge. In the years I have been living in Canada, Bush has been in office and the thought of moving back to the U.S. made me cringe, but with Obama in charge I feel like there is a new hope. His election has renewed my faith in my country, and I’m positive that I’m not the only one. Today, I am proud to be an American. 

This is a very long video, but totally sweet in sentiment and maxed out in nerdiness. In fact, it might just be the nerdiest thing I have ever seen, but the romance offsets it so it’s all right by me.

Baconnaise. Genius or a step too far?


There will always be a special place in my heart for the Muppets. My first record was the soundtrack to The Great Muppet Caper. I remember Jim Henson’s passing and being very sad. It had never crossed my mind that he would die one day. He seemed immortal, and I guess he kind of is. I still lose it when I see Big Bird singing at his memorial though.

On a lighter note, a tip for the season for you drivers out there.

Sleep well tonight, America.

Two Hearts

Death Cab for Cutie played on Leno on Hallowe’en. I love. In case you missed it, here you go. Looks like Ben got rid of his chops as well as a noticeable amount of weight!

I went to see Asobi Seksu on the 28th at the Media Club. Let me first say, I really love going to shows there. The place is small and intimate and I have seen several ridiculously good shows there over the past few years, most recently Joan of Arc. But back to Asobi. They were supposed to play here a while back but the show got cancelled. Yuki apologized during their set and said it was due to customs and border-crossing issues, which is pretty commonplace. The first thing I noticed when they took the stage was how tiny Yuki was – and she was wearing heels! The whole band really rocked it and put on a super-tight set concluding with Yuki doing a bit of drum-work. It was like watching a tiny, Asian, female version of Animal. Impressive to say the least. While standing very near the stage, we managed to end up right behind the most annoying girls at the show. One of them, who I will refer to as “The Bra-less Wonder” (TBW), was doing some sort of blend of ballet and raving. We’ll just say there was a lot of flourish. TBW’s buddy was one of those no-rhythm white girls that likes to jump and flail. They were quite the duo and it’s a credit to the crowd that these two didn’t get punched. Anyhow, back to the show. The only bit of disappointment I had with the set was that they didn’t play “Sooner”. It was the song that got me paying attention to these guys and it remains my favourite Asobi song. I’m excited for their new album, which will be released on Polyvinyl, of whom I am a big fan. Good things to come, I’m sure. Catch them if you can.

Danny Boyle has a new movie coming out called Slumdog Millionaire and the trailer gave me non-spooky chills, it looks so good. (The use of Sigur Rós probably pushed me right over the top – Sylvester Stalone-style.) Boyle doesn’t have a very extensive filmography, but everything I’ve seen by him I have really liked including the not-so-successful A Life Less Ordinary. I am really looking forward to seeing this film.